Symptoms of Lung Cancer - What to Look For

Symptoms of Lung Cancer are dependent upon the size and area of the tumor in the lungs. Some of the symptoms of lung cancer a person may experience are:

· Zero Symptoms - meaning some people do not experience any symptoms of lung cancer (none) and the only time or way this cancer is found is when an x-ray is made of their chest for a regular examination. A CAT Scan will reveal lung cancer also.

· Symptoms of Lung Cancer - Symptoms related to this specific cancer and signs it is growing and spreading through the delicate tissues of the lungs hindering breathing, causing coughing, shortness of breath, a wheezing in the chest, pain in the chest, blood coughed up. The symptoms of lung cancer if it has reached the nerves could be shoulder pain which feels like it goes down the arm on the outside or the hoarseness from paralyzed vocal cords. The cancer symptoms if cancer has spread to your esophagus can be difficulty swallowing. Pneumonia is another symptom from the obstructed airway and collapse of part of the lung.

· Symptoms of Lung Cancer spreading (to other organs) - This cancer can spread to other areas, and organs of the body. Such as your bones and this symptom is severe pain where the cancer is spreading. Signs that this cancer that has spread to the brain will give symptoms such as blurred vision, headaches, seizures, or even stroke symptoms.

· Symptoms of Paraneoplastic Lung Cancer - or paraneoplastic syndromes accompany this specific cancers frequently and are remote indirect effects of an indirect cancer invasion of the body. The symptoms are new bone forming in such places as your fingertips causing pain, highly elevated blood calcium levels, blood clots, and even low blood sodium levels.

My grandfather died from this cancer and showed some of these very symptoms. If you are experiencing any of the above described symptoms of this cancer, make an appointment to see your physician as soon as possible.

It is recommended to quickly contact your doctor if you experience any of these specific symptoms:
A chronic cough you just cannot shake that only gets worse, no matter what you try.Coughing up blood.Bronchitis or respiratory infections that keep coming back and you cannot get over.ANY chest pain.Weight loss for no reasonContinual fatigueAll breathing difficulties, if you start wheezing, or a shortness of breath that never leaves.

Some of the above symptoms of this cancer are ones we may casually dismiss, especially during cold/flu season, or even allergy season. Allergies can really hit us hard, I know they do me and they even make you wheeze if you have asthma. As they do with my mother.

However, if you are like my buddy I have known for 30+ years, ever since junior high and have a cough all year-round. If you also smoke like he does and has for years, and wheeze like I noticed him do over the phone the other night while we were just catching up. (Honestly, I am worried about him and his health and hope he quits smoking soon.)

Then, if you are like my buddy, please go see your doctor. What you could be experiencing are the symptoms of lung cancer and they should not be ignored any longer. Please, get help.

We have looked at the Symptoms of Lung Cancer, and yes lung cancer can develop from Asbestos Poisoning. If you or a family member experience such symptoms, go to talk to a doctor.

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