Mesothelioma Survival Rate - Bad!

Mesothelioma Survival Rate is not high and on average people diagnosed live from 4 to 11 months after. This survival rate is just harsh reality and devastating to the patients and their families. Sad is this fact as well that there are around 3,000 new diagnoses a year. However, new experimental treatments are being worked on to increase that number. See, this is good news because you get to spend that much more time with your loved ones. The American Cancer Society has been quoted to say that 40% of the patients now diagnosed with mesothelioma not live longer than a year and an average 10% live longer than 5 years.

The estimating or predicting, or attempt to do so, for anyone is difficult and there are some factors to take into consideration. Plus, the fact that no two patients are alike and what is true for one is not for another. The first factor that affects the individual's mesothelioma survival rate is the latency period.

The latency period is a big factor in the mesothelioma survival rate. This period is the amount of time from the time of exposure to asbestos and the first symptoms of mesothelioma. The time span between the two, or latency period, is anywhere from 20 - 50 years. This is a very long time for any disease to establish and when doctors finally do diagnose the health issues of the patient as mesothelioma, unfortunately it has spread to an advanced stage.

My question I have, that was not answered by any of my research is:

Why not go to your doctor before the symptoms begin, and you are still in the latency period. Talk to them, inform the doctor you worked with asbestos and what can they do to stop mesothelioma from taking your life?

Another factor in the mesotheliom survival rate of the asbestos exposed is the stage it is in when they are diagnosed.

Stage 1 and 2 have a better rate of survival because the disease has been caught early.

Stage 3 and 4 have a lower survival rate due to the advanced cancer growth and fewer treatment options available. Treating a cancer that has spread to other organs is an almost impossible battle to win inside the human body.

So, to recap, we have learned here that our mesothelioma survival rate goes up with the earlier diagnosing of it. I say, go to your doctor if you work with, or have worked with or around asbestos products. Learn the symptoms, educate yourself, this will help you in the end.

Other factors in the survival rate are:

· Age of the patient when diagnosed

· Does the patient smoke

· Health of the patient at diagnosis

· Size of tumor and if it has spread or can be removed

Treatments can improve Mesothelioma Survival Rates among some patients. Some of these treatments being rather aggressive such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation help some people. Remember though this varies from person to person. For some these therapies help, for others it does not.

Some survivors have had success with alternative therapies which aim to strengthen the immune system and boost their well-being. Some of these therapies are acupuncture, massage, yoga, nutritional supplements.

Mesothelioma Survival Rates are not good and that is a sad fact. However we can increase the time we have with out loved ones who have this dreaded disease and more time is always a good thing.

I am sorry that I need to reveal to you the very low Mesothelioma Survival Rate, if it is any consolation, I have been in your shoes of having a loved one diagnosed with this disease.
It makes me hate the material of Asbestos and the destruction Asbestos Poisoning does to the body and our loved ones. I know the hate for a fiber is not healthy and does me no good and I will not hold onto it.

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