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Asbestos Lung Cancer is scientifically known as bronchial carcinoma or mesothelioma. It is a cancer of the lining of the lungs, heart, or abdomen. I found out also that a cancer known as thoracic carcinoma or adenocarcinoma. All these cancers are linked directly to exposure to asbestos.

There are no immediate signs of asbestos lung cancer or mesothelioma developing when you are exposed. What I mean is, on the same day, week, or even month of your heavy exposure to asbestos will lung cancer give you signs of its growing. No, this cancer will take anywhere from 20 to 40 years from exposure to asbestos related cancer developing.

Smoking greatly increases the asbestos lung cancer rate over people who do not smoke. Now, don't get me wrong both will cause cancer, both will cause lung cancer independently. However it can be said that the heavier a smoker you are the greater the asbestos lung cancer chance you have if also exposed to asbestos for a long time.

The best advice? Quit smoking. If you need help quitting, get it.

Another factor to developing mesothelioma in later years after exposure to asbestos is the length of time and the amount of asbestos the person is exposed. They teach us that everyone is exposed to asbestos in minute amounts every day. However, a worker in an intensely asbestos dust situation or using products daily with asbestos contained in them is the one with the greater risk of developing lung cancer.

Recently it has been reported widely that lung cancer is now the world's leading cause of cancer deaths. That is a staggering stat, and I have lost loved ones to this and to asbestos lung cancer - mesothelioma. Men of course have the higher risk than women. My mind tells me this is because more men work in industries using asbestos containing products.

Also at risk are workers employed in the manufacturing, milling, and mining industries. Individuals as I mentioned earlier who work with asbestos products over long periods. U.S. military veterans, shipyard workers, and specifically anyone who served in the military branch the Navy during World War 2 have a high risk of developing asbestos lung cancer. This WW 2 vets specifically because of the high exposure rate in the building and running of battleships.

These exposed individuals are also at risk of asbestosis, which is a scarring of their lungs from asbestos. This is a chronic condition that restricts breathing from the scarring, my dad got this and his breathing was greatly limited. I seen a once physically active man who played sports and was strong be reduced to unable to walk to the next room without oxygen.

I believe it is hard for me to think of asbestos as being something actually mined from the earth. I usually associate things from the earth as natural and healthy, like garden foods, water, fish, and so on. This changes my perspective on how to look at certain things now. I guess tobacco is a natural plant, with a pretty flower and until man either chews or smokes it is isn't deadly to us. Asbestos is the same I guess, not deadly until man started using it.

Asbestos Health problems take years, even decades to begin to manifest. To learn more on this topic and more, simple go to Asbestos Poisoning we post regular articles for the education of people.

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