Effects of Lung Cancer - What Are They?

Effects of Lung Cancer have been devastating families for years, for both the one who has been diagnosed with lung cancer and their loved ones. This destructive cancer effects the families by the pain it causes them from watching the once healthy vivacious person deteriorate. The Effects of Lung Cancer on the sick is pain, and loss of health and sometimes life. This deadly disease has grown to claim more lives than the other cancers combined. However, for being a cancer with such a high death claim, it is slow in the beginning stages. Then the effects of this cancer will grow rapidly as the disease will spread and invade other parts of the body. If one will just let this disease go without any treatment, this horrible cancer will gradually infect the bones and yes the brain. Effects of lung cancer at the beginning stages are a feeling of heaviness in the chest. Also a cough that sticks around regardless of what you take to try to rid yourself of it. This cancer has been known to both spread like wild fire in the body, or just be very slow-growing and spreading. However doctors have been treating it successfully, but it must be caught early enough. Some people will not experience much if any effects of lung cancer at the start. While other people diagnosed with this type of cancer will suffer horribly from the lung cancer effects on their body and health. Let us not forget the effects of the treatments for this specific cancer which, yes are effective in stopping this disease, at the same time have side effects that can make the patient miserable, so say the least.

Effects of Lung Cancer List
Shortness of breathPersistent coughHeavy feeling in chestChest pain or acheUnexplained pain in other areas (possibly from cancer spreading)Blood coughed up (this is known as an early warning sign and the lung cancer may yet be curable.)Wheezing during breathingHoarsenessChronic pneumonia and/or bronchial infectionsExtreme FatigueWeight loss

The majority of all of these cancer cases diagnosed come from tobacco smoke, both first and second-hand. This includes both cigarette and cigar smoking. My personal advice is if you smoke, STOP. If my father would have stopped smoking years ago when they first found the spot on his lungs, he would still be alive today. Do this to extend your life for yourself and mostly for your family. Sure it will be tough, but so what, the best things in life are worked for and are tough to get to. The payoff in the end is worth that small price of a little discomfort. Your chances are a lot better, and in fact you have a chance if you quit. Well, you know what lies ahead of you if you don't. You will be able to live.

It is hard for us to watch family members suffer through the Effects of Lung Cancer and watch them slowly fade away. I know, I have been in those very shoes. Asbestos Poisoning can also lead to lung cancer.

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