Mesothelioma Cancer - Do You Know Where It Comes From?

There are many types of cancer that most people are familiar with, such as breast, lung, or liver. However, not too many people have ever heard of this form of the disease, and would like to know what is mesothelioma cancer, and how do you prevent it?

Mesothelioma cancer is a very deadly type of cancer, whose survival rate is incredibly low. All cancers are classified as stage I, stage II, or stage III diseases. If a patient is diagnosed with stage III of this type of cancer, there is very little that the doctors can do for them, and they will not live too long after the diagnoses in most instances.

This disease can only be contracted by coming in contact with a material, called asbestos. There are certain groups of people that are considered high risk when it comes to mesothelioma cancer. Most of the individuals that worked in the construction industry, and they are plumbers, elections, demolition specialist, and maintenance men.

The reason that this group of workers is at high risk, is because in the 20th century, asbestos was used extensively as a construction material. It is still present in many old buildings that were built during this time frame. Most, if not all of these tradesmen are either not trained to recognize it, or have received very little training.

An entire new industry sprung up after the scientists confirmed that asbestos does indeed cause mesothelioma cancer. Today, in most states, companies that are specialist at removing it from buildings, must have special training, and need a specific license to do it.

It is extremely expensive and time consuming to completely remove it from a building that has a large amount of it inside. The workers must all wear special uniforms that are very cumbersome and quite hot. In many cases, a worker can only work for 15 minutes, before they need to take a break.

The building also must be totally sealed off from the outside while the removal process is going on. This is done so that none of the asbestos can escape into the air, and be circulated by the wind. After the workers are done for the day, they are washed off before they remove their uniforms, and the water is kept to be purified later.

Because it is so timely and expensive to remove from a building, only a tiny fraction of the structures that have asbestos in them, have been totally renovated. In addition, while the demolition process is going on, all of the occupants of the building must relocate. Of course, this only adds to the landlords cost, and is one more reason why so few buildings have it removed from them.

So, if you ever wanted to know what is mesothelioma cancer, and how you can make sure that you or somebody that you know never gets it, you should possess all the knowledge that you need. If you feel like your building might still have asbestos in it, you should have it immediately inspected by a local governmental official.

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