21st Century Asbestos Health Concerns

Asbestos Health: Effects on the body

Asbestos Health with the effects on the human body really depends upon the severity of asbestos poisoning. More precisely, the degree of the effect of asbestos will depend upon the how much asbestos the person was exposed to and the length of time they were exposed. The more asbestos fibers they breathed in and the longer they breathed it in, in other words.

So, if I understand this correctly the person who does the occasional brake job on their car has less to worry about than the professional who is laboring around or with it every day of their career. The prior only is around it once every few months; the latter is around it every day for hours a day.

The greatest asbestos health effects will be on the lungs and then the other internal organs. These are caused by the airborne asbestos fibers the persons breathe in. A continuous exposure to these damaging fibers will embed the asbestos in the lung tissue. Over a long period of time this exposure is known to cause serious incurable lung diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Additionally, mesothelioma is also a risk and then smoking will increase the persons risk of developing serious lung problems from asbestos.

The diseases will not develop over night. It takes years for them to start manifesting.

Asbestos Health: Hazards of Asbestos Exposure

If you have worked around a lot and wonder what are the asbestos health hazards you should be prepared for. That is a good question and frankly one to be emotionally prepared for. Time to talk to your physician would be before any symptoms occur, and you are feeling healthy and vibrant. Then, they as the health professionals can direct you what to do next.

For us, here and now, let's talk about the asbestos health hazards of exposure to this killer. We know as one breathes in the fibers over a long period of time, there is a buildup of them in the lungs and unfortunately they are there to stay for a long, long time. The first hazard is the scarring of the lung tissue and inflammation which come. This will affect breathing of the infected and leads to other health issues.

Asbestos is considered and a known carcinogen of people, which means it causes cancer. There have been loads of studies that all show a link from asbestos exposure to the greatly increased risk of lung cancer and even mesothelioma. Two very serious life taking asbestos health hazards. Let's just make a list of the asbestos health hazards, shall we?
Lung cancerMesotheliomaAsbestosisGastrointestinal cancerColorectal cancerThroat CancerKidney CancerEsophagus CancerGallbladder cancer

Quite the scary lineup.

Asbestos Health: Concerns

Who should have Asbestos Health concerns? I think this is a very important topic for everyone to learn. This is why I will cover it briefly here for you.

Who needs to be concerned that they or a loved one has worked in an environment that has asbestos around or in it? Also, knowing this is to also answer the question of: who would be at risk of possibly developing asbestos-related disease? The one answers the other.

They say that everyone is exposed to asbestos during their every day lives with very low-levels being in the air, soil, and water. A majority of people do not ever become ill from this low level saturation. The poor folks who do become ill are exposed to high levels over a long period of time. Mostly through a work environment or from a non-employment exposure from their local environment, such as if a mine is close by.

Here is a listing of jobs, trades, or workers who should have serious asbestos health concerns:

· Shipbuilding trades

· Asbestos mining

· Manufacturing of asbestos textiles

· Manufacturing of asbestos products

· Insulation workers in construction and other building trades

· Demolition employees

· Drywall removers

· Asbestos removal employees

· Firefighters

· Auto Mechanics who work on brakes.

· Individuals who worked in recovery and clean up after 9/11.

If you have worked in this environment and been exposed, or had a family member who has. I am sorry, get them checked by a health professional quickly. I would not put it off, I would go talk to my doctor right now, even if I feel like a million bucks. This way he can take note of it and maybe do tests to determine your risks.

Asbestos Health concerns are a sad part of modern day society health concerns. Millions of good hard-working Americans have died from the effects of Asbestos and it is important to protect yourself and your families. Education is the Key to learn more visit our site at Asbestos Poisoning.

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