Why You Need Asbestos Lawyers to Fight Your Case

In the '70s and '80s, as it became clear that asbestos was a toxic material, many companies were ordered to strip out their building's asbestos insulation, and replace it with something new. These companies often did not inform their workers that the material they were removing was dangerous, and did not provide hazard clothing, either. This has meant that many of the workers who removed asbestos insulation during this period were exposed to carcinogenic fibers and some of them have developed a serious cancer known as mesothelioma because of their exposure to Asbestos.

Because of the direct relationship between the insulating material and a number of asbestos cancers which are now being diagnosed in former workers, and even in people who had to clear the rubble of the Twin Towers, there have been a number of lawsuits involving big businesses. Any patient who has developed asbestos cancers or related lung damage can bring a case against the businesses, but this does not mean that the sufferer or their family will even win the case. Because the cancers, particularly mesothelioma, are so aggressive and fast-moving, the claimants often die before their case can be heard.

This is partially why it is important to choose an experienced firm of asbestos lawyers in order to pursue your case. Trusting a family lawyer can be tempting, but because you will be dealing with large firms who might lie, conceal evidence and generally prove obstructive, you need to find asbestos lawyers who can handle all this pressure in an efficient and effective manner. They can find ways to bring to light the evidence that the company exposed their workers to asbestos, seeking court orders and injunctions which will prevent the business from disposing of papers, paying off witnesses, and the other methods that an unscrupulous company can employ to prevent former workers from getting compensation.

Because asbestos cancers can be so aggressive and malignant, it is important for your case to proceed through the courts as quickly as possible. Asbestos lawyers have the experience and legal know-how to present the case accurately and swiftly, meaning that it will be processed through the legal system much faster. Once you have provided all the information you have to your legal team, they should be able to file for a claim within the next 24-48 hours, and then you can start investigating how much your former company knew and when. The lawyers can work out all the details as the case precedes, speeding up the process and allowing you to receive compensation that can make your final weeks much more comfortable.

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