Why Asbestos and Mesothelioma Cancer Should Be Spoken in the Same Sentence

There are many ways that a person can die today. One of the worst ones ever, was when a father was taking his family to Disney World on a vacation. While they were walking around the park a tree branch fell on his head and killed him. What a way to die, but this is not about terrible ways to die, it is about two words that should be connected at the hip, which are "Mesothelioma Cancer" and "Asbestos".

Almost the entire population of the world has come together to find a cure for cancer. Trillions, not millions, or billions have been spent on the project, with very few positive results to show for it. With any luck, someday the extremely intelligent doctors and scientist that are working on this mission will eventually come up with something that works.

People that smoke cigarettes or use other forms of tobacco, know that they are at a greater risk of getting throat or lung cancer, than if they did not engage in these activities. Individuals that drink large amounts of alcohol, know that there is a possibility that someday they will contract liver cancer.

However, the people who come in contact with asbestos, have no idea that there is a very strong likelihood that someday they will come down with Mesothelioma Cancer. Even worse, a great deal of them do not even know what asbestos is, or have even heard the word spoken a single time in their entire lives.

But, if you lived back in the 40's or 50's, you would have been well aware of the marvelous manmade material that was going to change all of our lives. Back then, it was thought of as some kind of "Wonder" substances since it had so many superb qualities that made our lives better. Because of this, it was used in almost every kind of product that is imaginable. Fortunately, most of those items no longer exist.

But, that does not mean that asbestos is still not all around us, if we happen to live or work in the wrong place. It was also used extensively as a building material, because it was cheap, and it was an excellent fire retardant and insulator.

This substance is so dangerous and deadly, that even inhaling a few particles of it could end your life. It is the primary cause of Mesothelioma Cancer, which is an especially vicious form of this lethal disease.

Although, it is now illegal to still use asbestos in anything at all, it is still quite frequently found in old structures and there still are people dying because of it.

It is strongly recommended, that if somebody who you work with, or lives in the same building as you do happens to get Mesothelioma Cancer, that you do everything possible to protect yourself and your family. Almost assuredly, the person that caught it happened to breath in air that contained minute amounts of it, and if you live or work close to them, the very same thing could happen to you.

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